Teaching & Learning

Teaching and Learning at Maltings Academy

At Maltings Academy, we believe in quality first teaching as the vehicle for driving forward a thoroughly designed and rich curriculum experience for the young people within our community.

High quality teaching and learning hinges around 5 key principles - Retrieve, Adapt, Check, Question and Communicate.

We view learning as embedding knowledge and skills into the long term memory. In order to facilitate this lessons are designed with opportunities for retrieval practice. This is achieved by revisiting concepts from prior lessons, terms and academic years, in a low stakes environment to enable progress through the curriculum.

We recognise that many of our students are at different stages in the learning journey, despite this we have a firm belief that young people from all backgrounds can achieve excellence. By adapting the learning to meet the needs of the individual, we are able to ‘scaffold up’ to ensure that all students are challenged to achieve.

For students to continue to make progress, our teachers will check knowledge and understanding through a range of both summative and formative assessment. Diagnosing the gaps and providing feedback that students can act upon, whilst also increasing the challenge through high quality questioning.

Central to student achievement and future success is the ability to effectively communicate. We foster classroom environments that develop rich vocabulary with sophisticated subject specific language.

Central to each of these principles is providing clear guidance for students to achieve through clearly defined success criteria and opportunities for independent practice.

Should you require any further information with regards to teaching and learning, please contact us - contactus@maltingsacademy.org