Maltings Academy is committed to the very highest standards of behaviour. The Academy will stop at nothing to fulfil its promise that no child’s progress will ever be negatively impacted by the behaviour of others. It is every child’s right to study in an environment that is safe, respectful and purposeful.

Where students are unable to adhere to these expectations, there will be both sanction and support. The Academy believes sanctions help students to understand that they have fallen below our expectations and it believes that with our support they will be able to better shape their future choices.


At Maltings Academy we appreciate the close link between student behaviour and student progress. Behaviour for Learning is a key focus within the Academy as we endeavour to help students become successful, respectful learners who demonstrate the courage to rise to challenges and the resilience not to falter when tasks are tough. We want our students to be ready to embrace their own learning opportunities with a “can do” positive mindset and allow others to do the same. Essentially, we want an Academy in which students’ behaviour not only allows learning to take place but also promotes learning. To this end our policy is driven by two key objectives:

  • To ensure that teachers and students can work in safe, ordered and focused behaviour for learning environments through the implementation of the 4-point plan-ROSE (recognition of positive behaviour) and the internal SRC room (used to address behaviour that is not conducive to positive learning outcomes) through restorative coaching conversations and self-reflection tasks.

  • To ensure that students appreciate how they can maximise their own learning potential by demonstrating positive learning behaviours.


Students will:

  • Arrive to lesson on time, in full uniform and fully equipped to learn

  • Remain ready and focused on their learning throughout the duration of the lesson

  • Be respectful of everyone within our school community and of our environment

  • Take opportunities to learn independently and collaboratively as guided by their teacher

  • Be prepared to try new challenges and resilient when they find something difficult and fail occasionally

  • Share their ideas and remain receptive to the ideas of others

  • Recognise that everyone has a right to learn and succeed

  • Behave in a respectful manner towards staff and peers

  • Demonstrate resilience when overcoming obstacles and learn from their mistakes

  • Complete all work tasks to a standard that reveals their pride and commitment to learning

  • Refrain from eating chewing gum anywhere on site

  • Refrain from eating in class/corridors or drinking anything other than water in classrooms

  • Ensure that all electronic devices are switched off and kept out of sight throughout the day

  • Ensure that they follow all COVID Health and Safety measures implemented by the Academy

Teachers will:

  • Welcome and greet students at the beginning of every lesson at their door

  • Facilitate a safe, calm and purposeful learning environment

  • Establish clear classroom routines and behaviour expectations and revisit them regularly

  • Create a focused start to learning with a knowledge retrieval starter activity followed by a visual aid to the learning journey and purpose of the lesson

  • Take time to build positive relationships within the Academy

  • Celebrate and value success both within and beyond the classroom

  • Seek to de-escalate any incidents of poor behaviour by adopting a calm and reasoned, restorative coaching approach

  • Use agreed Academy procedures to challenge disruptive behaviour or poor attitudes to learning

  • Instill a sense of pride in positive achievement

  • Acknowledge good effort, improved performance and positive behaviour, aiming for a ratio of 4- 1 between positive and negative feedback

  • Treat each student equitably

  • Ensure that they follow all COVID Health and Safety measures implemented by the Academy.

The full behaviour procedure document can be found here