Enrichment, Extra-Curricular & Clubs

New Online Booking for Extra Curricular Clubs on the Arbor App/Portal

To sign up your child to any clubs you will need access to the Arbor parent portal via this link or from the parent app. Once signed in, you will be able to access the ‘clubs’ section to see what sessions are running each week across the summer term. Each club has a written summary along with a short promotional video giving you an insight into what you can expect, should your child wish to enrol. Many of the clubs have a maximum capacity, so when this is reached the system will not allow any more students to be enrolled. Therefore registration will be on a first come basis. While the club has availability you will be able to enrol at any point during the term. 

Please be aware that only the students who have enrolled via the app are eligible to attend and a register will be taken. If your son/daughter is absent for 3 sessions then the teacher has the discretion to remove them from the club, this would mean that the teacher in charge could  make space for students who are on the reserve list to join. 

Extra Curricular Activities

Opportunities exist before, during and after school to support work in the classroom. The library is open in the morning and after school. This gives students access to computer facilities as well as other learning resources.  Students are also encouraged to use the restaurant area for private study, where breakfast is available and students can access hot drinks and food all day.

On an average week Maltings Academy offers a wide variety of different clubs for students to take part in. This offer encompasses all manner of different opportunities from study sessions, GCSE revision, art, chess and other recreational clubs.

Further Opportunities

Maltings Academy offers a wide range of exciting activities that are available to all of our students.  Our staff provide a broad balance of academic and leisure based activities designed to promote and embed healthy lifestyles, general wellbeing, enjoyment,  to complement and boost attainment as well as further develop learning skills.

As parents and carers we would urge you to support and encourage your child to attend as many of the activities as possible so they get the opportunity to gain as much out of the educational experiences that are presented to them. 

We endeavour to offer a wide range of enrichment activities from sporting, drama, music and Arts to games and student voice panels.