Parent Support

‘Helping You To Help Them Through’

‘From the Sidelines’ aims to educate parents and families on the science behind how our children learn, together with how to create the perfect environment at home in which to support them. We break this down into distinct areas of focus where we give parents all the knowledge they need via our expert input, but designed in a fresh and modern way to reach and engage the parents of today. 

Each distinct focus has a short and succinct ‘Study Hack’ video that lasts approx 1 minute, giving parents a quick and practical overview of what it is and how to do it. Then for parents who are intrigued and want to know more, they can go on to watch or listen to the 15 minute ‘Podcast Episode’ linked to the same topic, which gets under the surface of why this works, why it’s important and also what to avoid - the perfect way to bridge the gap between teaching and parenting.  

We believe this can provide parents with their ‘parenting superpower’ which can be the gateway to bridging the disadvantaged gap - unlocking every family’s opportunity to level up by supporting their child to achieve in line with their potential, not just their postcode. 

Adult Community Learning