Homework & Revision

Homework at Maltings Academy

High quality homework provision is linked to academic achievement.

At Maltings Academy, homework may serve a range of purposes from knowledge retrieval, independent practice to guided research. Our underlying principle is that all homework should be purposeful and add value to the educational experiences of students.

As an Academy we use Google Classroom as an online homework tool.

Parents guide to google classroom

Parents will be given an option to receive guardian summaries of work that has been set and completion status. A google account is required in order to receive these notifications. For guidance on how to set up a google account for guardian summaries please see the link below:

Get Classroom email summaries (for guardians)

Homework Timetable

2021/22 - Homework Timetable

Top Tips to help your child with homework and revision

  • A dedicated quiet space with good natural light or lighting is best for studying, with no distractions. If you have other children who are not studying for exams, make sure that they know the importance of revision time.

  • Ensure that your son or daughter has one evening a week away from their studies. It’s also important that they take regular breaks during periods of study.

  • Support your child in making healthy food choices and balanced meals to support study - not too many sugary snacks and junk food.

  • Offer to help - low stakes quizzing is a great way to be involved and support your child's retrieval of knowledge.

  • Reassure them you are concerned about their welfare more than the results.

  • Know your son or daughter's revision timetable. Encourage them to tell you about what they are studying. If you know that they are not at their best first thing in the morning, encourage them to rest then and work when they are more productive.

  • Know exactly the date, time and location for each exam and incorporate this into the revision plan. Make sure that they have the correct equipment they need for the exam (calculators, rulers etc). Know what they are not allowed to take into the exam (mobile phones, smart watches etc).

  • If your son or daughter has a medical condition, for example diabetes or hay fever, make sure that the Academy knows about it. There are special considerations for some conditions.

  • If there is a family crisis, for example divorce or bereavement, again ensure that your son or daughter's Personal Tutor and Head of Year is aware, the additional stress can affect your child's exam performance.

  • Make sure that your child is using the internet to study and not as a resource to give the appearance of study!

  • Always contact the relevant subject teacher for support, or if you have concerns. We are here to help.