Our Values

Our Vision is that each and every child is inspired to choose a Remarkable life

Academy Ethos and Values

At Maltings Academy we stand for excellence of provision, professionalism and a relentless drive for excellence. It is of paramount importance that as educators we understand the weight of responsibility that rests on our shoulders in terms of educating students, fashioning their character and setting them on a pathway to success.

We are a long established community school that serves a diverse population of students.

Our core purpose is to provide our students with a well rounded learning experience that is of the highest standard so that they can stand shoulder to shoulder with others confidently. It is our aim to instil the ambition in our students that they need to achieve that their aspirations and goals, and for those aspirations to not be limited by any preconceptions they or other may have of them. Our students should leave us at Maltings feeling empowered to do absolutely anything they have their mind set on be that academically or personally.

Maltings Academy Vision

At Maltings Academy we are committed to deliver excellence by creating a calm, purposeful learning environment where staff and students share a common goal that enables all students to succeed.

Everyday, we guide students to be able to make a difference by being respectful of themselves and others, arriving at school with a readiness to learn and engage positively in their lessons and to develop and demonstrate resilience on their learning journey to becoming a generation we can all be proud of.

To achieve our common vision, all members of the academy community will uphold of core values of respect, readiness and resilience.

Maltings Academy is a school where the community works collaboratively and with a sense of shared responsibility and pride for our students to achieve, dream big and lead successful and fulfilled lives anywhere in the world.