Year 6 Information

Moving on to secondary school can be a worrying time for you with new buildings, new faces and new systems to get used to. This page is designed to help you  find out more about what it's like when you move up from primary school to Maltings Academy.  

Below you will find some information from our current students that might help you and you can also ask us a question directly if you're really not sure about something.

A few words from our students

"I am really enjoying it here at Maltings Academy as all the teachers are so helpful and inspiring.
My favourite subject is Music because Miss McBride is so funny and makes the lessons as exciting as possible.  Miss Flack, my English teacher really inspired me to learn and always try my hardest.

I would like to say a big thank you to all the staff at Maltings Academy for making me have the best start at my secondary school".

Olivia Jenkins, Year 7

"Firstly I would like to thank Miss McAdoo for welcoming me into her tutor group and making me feel very welcome.  My most inspiring teacher so far is Miss McBride because she is funny but strict at the same time and also because she is a great teacher in both English and Music.

Maltings Academy shows me what options there are in life.  Since being at Maltings I have made lots of new friends.  So far my favourite subject is Music composition because we can play a wide range of instruments.  I particularly like the drums and one day I hope to play them properly.  This is why I think that Maltings Academy is a great  place to be".

William Thomas, year 7