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Return to Teaching Programme

They’re ready. Are you?         

Getting back into teaching is easier than you think.

Whether you left to bring up a family or explored a different career, we can support you to become one of the thousands of teachers who come back to the profession each year.

Take your first step with us today and apply to join our free Supporting Returner Teachers Programme at Maltings Academy.

Eligibility Criteria:

The Supporting Returner Teachers Programme is a government funded programme intended for secondary teachers who have qualified teacher status (QTS) and who are not currently holding permanent or fixed-term temporary posts in English schools or colleges (state funded or independent).

It is aimed at teachers who intend to return to teaching within one year of completing the course who are qualified to teach one of the following secondary EBacc subjects: English, maths, science (biology, chemistry, physics).

For other subjects please see Academies Enterprise Trust Teaching School Alliance website.

Returner Teachers include:

(i)  teachers who, after acquiring QTS, chose not to join the teaching profession but now wish to do so;
(ii)  teachers who are working in another sector outside of teaching but have had a teaching post in the past;
(iii) teachers who gained their QTS in England but are currently teaching outside of the UK;
(iv) teachers who have had a career break (this does not include those returning from an official period of maternity leave);
(v)  teachers who are not currently teaching.

You are required to provide your Teacher Reference Number (TRN) in your application to confirm you are a teacher holding Qualified Teacher Status (QTS).  Every teacher in England is allocated a TRN by the Department of Education.  You should find your TRN on your QTS certificate.  You can also get your TRN by contacting Capita on 01325 745746 or email:

The programme:

The Supporting Returners Teachers Programme is aimed at secondary teachers who intend to return to teaching within one year of completing the course.

It incorporates online blended learning with school experience which is designed to give returners the confidence to apply for teaching posts with knowledge that they will be able to discuss recent and relevant knowledge about teaching today. 

The programme offers the following EBacc subjects: English, maths, science (biology, chemistry, physics), modern foreign language (French/Spanish or French/German), history, geography and includes:

  • Flexibility to accommodate individual need and circumstances
  • School experience with a Mentor
  • Experienced online tutors to support and supplement existing knowledge, skills and practices
  • Opportunities to be considered for teaching roles across the Group.
  • Applications open on the Monday 4 January 2016
  • Closing date for applications is Thursday 31 March 2016
  • Applicants will be notified within two weeks of their application form being submitted whether they will be invited for interview
  • Applicants will be notified within three working days after their interview whether they have secured a place on the programme

Please note: School experience must be completed by the end of the academic year (July 2016).          

For further details please contact:


Tel: 07709798139

Please also visit the DfE website page: Get Into Teaching  

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