Personal Development

Personal Development is a subject that explores many different aspects of life outside the Academy and helps prepare pupils for life in the outside world. This is a compulsory lesson for both Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 pupils, though it is non-levelled. However, despite the fact it does not directly lead to a qualification, we strongly believe that our role here in Maltings Academy is not just to prepare our pupils academically for life in the real world. We also have to prepare them to be able to socially interact with other people. 

The subject many topics over the five years;
  • In Year 7 we cover an Academy Induction, Safety at home and school, Careers, Christianity, The law and Gangs and basic financial planning 
  • In Year 8 we cover Islam, Buddhism, Career guidance, Volunteering / Charity work, Sikhism and the Student Council 
  • In Year 9 we cover Financial planning, International Conflicts, Internet Safety, Social Media Campaigning, Sex Education, Rights of a Child to an Education 
  • In Year 10 we cover Local, National and International Government, Next Steps in Careers, Study Skills, Alcohol and the law, and Volunteering In Year 11 we look at CVs, applications, and interviews, and financial issues.