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Media Studies provides students with the opportunity to engage critically with a range of media products, many of which they will already consume on a regular basis. Both GCSE and A Level courses will develop a student’s reading, writing, research and thinking skills, as well as providing the opportunity to be creative when using media technology to produce their own products.

Key Stage 4

Students in Key Stage 4 study the WJEC GCSE in Media Studies. To achieve their qualification students complete coursework worth 60% of their grade, and an exam worth 40%.

The coursework is broken up into two parts. The first requires students to complete two investigations into a media topic. The topics for the current cohort are science fiction films and print advertising. The second is a practical piece in the medium of print, using the department’s Apple Mac computers and Photoshop desktop publishing software.  Currently, students are creating the front cover and contents page for a magazine aimed at teenagers. 

The exam is based around a media topic set by the exam board. Examples from previous years include Television Crime Drama, Print and TV Advertising, and Film Trailers and Posters.

    Key Stage 5

    Key Stage 5 students study the WJEC AS/A2 level in Media Studies. To achieve their qualification students complete coursework and sit an exam. Both are worth 50% of their final grade.

    The coursework in Year 12 requires students to research and plan a media product. On completion, students evaluate their product and explain how it relates to their research. Currently, students are creating a front cover and two-page article for a magazine aimed at teenagers.

    The exam in Year 12 is based around an unseen media text students will be presented with during the exam. Examples from previous years have included a music magazine, a magazine aimed at a particular ethnic group, and a BBC drama. Students are required to analyse the text, before answering further questions by referring to their own case studies studied in class.

    The coursework in Year 13 reflects the more challenging nature of an A2 qualification, and includes an 1800 word investigation into genre, narrative or representation.  Currently, students are researching a range of film genres including rom-coms, action and horror. The second part of the coursework is a practical piece inspired by the research investigation. Students this year are producing DVD covers and film posters for the genre they have been investigating.

    The exam in Year 13 is based upon three media industries studied in class. The industries currently being investigated are film, magazines, and advertising. These case studies are used to answer questions related to media texts, industries, and audiences.

    For further information, please contact Mr O’Connell, Head of Media, or visit the WJEC website.