Our ICT department aims for students at Maltings Academy to gain valuable practical and transferable skills in a variety of software packages through engaging, challenging and innovative ICT lessons.

Key Stage 3

Students complete units of work that focus on producing a solution to a real life scenario and the planning and evaluation of that solution. The work in class is consolidated with the very popular ICT club which is available to all year groups at lunchtime to allow the same pattern of independently identifying a problem and using their own ICT skills to produce a solution. As the years progress the problems become more complex and involve the students using a combination of software to get their final piece.

Key Stage 4

All pupils undertake a GCSE in ICT. In this GCSE, students explore how digital technology impacts on not only their lives, but others, on organisations and on society. They will learn about current and emerging technologies and the issues that are raised by their use in a range of different situations (learning, shopping, health and safety, wellbeing, mobile computing and working lives) The GCSE is assessed by a 90 minute examination and one controlled assessment. The exam is worth 40% of the grade and the controlled assessment 60%.

Key Stage 5

ICT is a very popular option with students studying single award Applied ICT. This course has been designed to help students who wish to go on to higher education courses or employment where an understanding of the various applications of ICT will be a valuable asset.

It is the intention of the department to provide active lessons whereby students not only learn different computer skills, but are also made aware of how these skills can be used in other subjects and learning areas throughout the school.


The ICT department runs a very popular EEL session based around creating computer games and web design. All of the students have had a very positive experience full of enjoyment whilst learning new ICT skills. We are planning on running a number of further EELs within the next year, these include Animation and Digital Video and Sound Editing.

Extra Curricular Activities

The faculty has multiple activities that are available to the students. These include Gadgeteer, Scratch and Programming Club and ICT club at lunchtimes and after school.

Gifted and Talented

The department is very active in catering for our gifted and talented students within the school, with regular events such as Gadgeteer and Python days as well as links with Primary, Literacy and Numeracy within ICT.