• Develop students geographical knowledge and understanding of their surroundings on a local, national and international scale.
  • Foster an enjoyment and appreciation of the subject by communicating the excitement of learning through a variety of stimulating activities and discussion in an enthusiastic and positive environment.
  • Encourage students to develop their verbal and written communication skills, and also ensure that they have good numeracy and graphic skills.
  • Make students more aware of the environment in which they live, encouraging the development of positive attitudes and values towards people and places, so that they are better prepared for life as responsible, tolerant individuals within a multi-cultural society.
Support Learning

The Geography Department value the support that parents and carers provide, especially when it comes to encouraging them to do additional study outside of the classroom. Below you will find some suggestions for supporting their learning, some they can do on their own, and others that you can do together:
  • Encourage them to watch the news at least once a day. This would allow them to see how the work they do in the classroom is demonstrated in real life.
  • Encourage them to read at least one news article a day. A beneficial website to do this is the BBC news. Get them to use beneficial websites to learn phrases and key words associated with the subject.
  • Encourage them to revise through notes taken in class on a regular basis.
  • Encourage them to read case studies based on business examples.
  • Get them to create their own personal dictionary of news words relating to the subject so that they can refer back to them on a regular basis.
  • Encourage students at Key Stage 4 and 5 to visit the AQA examination board website to familiarize themselves with marking criteria, past papers and guidance.
We feel that it is important that students take responsibility for their own learning and that they should be encouraged to carry out independent study/learning.