Key Stage 3

Year 7 and 8 students receive one lesson of drama per week where they study the basic skills such as improvisation, staging and dramatic conventions.

They are also able to choose up to 2 hours of stage skills during EEL sessions where they will study a variety of skills such as stage make-up, set design, prop making and improvisation. (More information below.)

Key Stage 4

Unit 1 - Written paper 40%
Unit 2 - Practical work 60%

Students are required to present work for 2 practical options. These include acting, improvisation, costume, puppets and stage management.

Key Stage 5

Students can continue to study drama in the Sixth Form. We currently offer Edexcel A level theatre studies.
  • AS Unit 1 – Exploration of two plays chosen by the centre (practical and exploration notes)
  • AS Unit 2 – Text in performance (practical) group piece and monologue / duologue.
  • A2 Unit 3 – Devised performance (practical and supporting written evidence).
  • A2 Unit 4 – Written paper – study of set text and original performance conditions.

Year 7 and 8 students are able to choose an extra 2 hours per week studying stage skills. This extends their knowledge of theatre and incorporates stage design, make-up, costume and technical elements such as lighting and sound which they use in a final performance at the end of the term.

Extra Curricular

Each year the drama department works closely with the music department to produce a whole school show. All students are encouraged to participate (previous shows have also included staff and parents!). Shows that we have already performed include Grease, Back to the Eighties and We Will Rock You.

Students regularly come to the drama studio for extra examination tuition.