Child Development

The Child Study will involve candidates in both written and practical work. The nature and quantity of written work may vary according to the type of research/observation undertaken, but should include the following items:

Approach to Study
  • Evidence of testing, observing, recording decisions, analysing.
  • Viewpoints with supporting reasons. Additional relevant materials may be included, e.g. photographs, examples of a child’s work appropriate forms of research, e.g. practical work, testing, IT produced.
  • Reference data, questionnaires, interviews etc.
Content of Study
  • A statement of the research/observation to be undertaken
  • An introductory visit to identify relevant factors and priorities.
  1. Look at data collected and decide on one area of development to study.
  2. Research about that area of study.
  3. Identify the stage that the child is at already, this will require another visit if you have not seen the child over the holiday.
  4. Plan a series of observations, of the child, over a period of six months; visit once a month October, November, December, January and February. (Your teacher will give you the dates).
  • You may need an activity planned so that the child will be able to be observed carrying out the skill you are observing.
  • The final piece of coursework must be given in by 29th February.
  • You must have completed one pre observation and 6 further observations in order to complete this coursework.