BBC News School Report Practice Day - 12th March 2013

Wednesday 12th March 2014 saw the final practice day before the national BBC News School Report news day on the 27th March.  This was the students last opportunity as a group to practice their journalism skills.  They reviewed what they had previously learnt, as well as focusing on important aspects of reporting, such as drawing up an effective plan for their reports and careful editing.  Below are some examples of the students work from our final practice day.  Videos to follow shortly!

School reacts to Non-Smoking Day

by Jade, Emily and Emi

Non Smoking Day -  Wednesday 12th March 2014 - was the annual No Smoking Day. Many schools around the nation took part in this awareness day, one of which was Maltings Academy in Essex.  

There are many underage smokers in lots of schools around the country. As it was No Smoking Day, the school tried to inform and educate the students of the dangers smoking can cause. This resulted in presentations and assemblies during tutorial which had a big effect on everyone.  The results we received were all agreeing on the fact that smoking is not in any way a good thing to be doing:  young or old. 

The majority of the people whom we interviewed all said more or less the same thing: That people who smoke under aged do it either to fit in or because they think it is cool. The point of Non-Smoking Day is to let people know how badly smoking can affect your health, and that it isn't cool at all!  Smoking can lead to many different illnesses, such as brain disease, heart disease and cancer. For every person who dies from a smoking-related disease, about thirty more people suffer with at least one serious illness from smoking.

We interviewed the principal of Maltings Academy, Mr Szynal, and a student who both agreed with our judgement.

Over all, it is clear that smoking is a very bad addiction, so we have Non Smoking Day to influence a better life style.

Animal testing: for or against?

by Izzie, Lucy and Megan

Animal testing is a topic that sparks many a debate.

Some companies use animals to test new cosmetics and medicines, however, some people see doing this as wrong.

In Europe, testing cosmetics on animals is banned but in most other countries, it’s not.

The REACH Legislation was written in 2007, and because the EU knew that the public felt strongly about using animals for testing, they wrote the laws so that animals can only be used if there is no non – animal alternative available. The REACH rules tell a company exactly which tests are necessary for each ingredient. It also lists the non –animal alternatives that must be used and the animal tests to be used if there is no alternative companies have followed these rules.

We asked a few students on their views on animal testing, here’s what they said.                                                                                        

Hannah, A Year 8 student, “I think it’s wrong because animals aren’t there to be tested on. They are like us and they want to live a happy life and I think animal testing should be banned everywhere”

Tom, A Year 8 student said, “I don’t think its right because animals deserve a life where they don’t have to be lab rats”.

The general opinion is that animal testing is wrong and that it should be stopped in every country. There will be less animals suffering and the world would be safe for animals and they could have a happy life without being captured and tested on and suffering catastrophic side effects that could be fatal.

Gifted and Taleted Cooking Days

by Georgie, Robbie and James

On the 25th and the 28th of February the annual gifted and talented language cooking days took place at Maltings Academy. The select few pupils that got to take place got to spend the day cooking Spanish and French cuisines for three hours; to reward them for their hard work in languages. We ask our Spanish teacher, Mr Craviero, how he felt about the day.

Here are the questions we asked him:

Q: Do you think the Spanish cooking day was worth the effort?

A: I think so, yes, the children enjoyed it and they learnt how to cook different things so yes it was.

Q: Do you think the cooking day swayed your chances of pupils taking Spanish?

A: Possibly, they had a lot of fun that day it will definitely stay in their memory.

Q: Would you do another one and why?

A: Yes definitely, this is the third or fourth time we have done it and they have always been successful days.

Q: Would you open it up to people who aren’t gifted and talented?

A: Maybe, in the future it depends on what happens but we would like to open up the opportunity in the future.

The gifted and talented students cooked a Spanish Tortilla called Tortilla el de Plata and the others cooked a French crepe and a fruit salad. By doing this the pupils learned about the culture of different languages and the history of their food.

Overall the students really enjoyed the cooking days and the Language Department will benefit from the days. The children have really benefited from this.