News Day: The YouTube Community

The YouTube Community

by Lucy, Izzie, Charlotte and Emily

The YouTube community is growing bigger and bigger by the day.

The YouTube community is filled with different people from all around the world whose goal is to inspire adults and teens, and to entertain them. YouTube is becoming bigger than ever, YouTubers are being interviewed for different magazines and are being offered amazing opportunities and showing people who don’t know about YouTube what it’s about. 

As well as entertainment, most YouTubers do advice videos, talking about things like ‘how to deal with bullies’ and ‘how to express yourself’. We asked two students how they feel about these types of videos and here’s what they said:

Hannah, A year 8 student said “I feel like they show people how to be the best version of themselves and they give people good advice from their own experiences.”

Harry, A year 8 student said “They make people more confident because they see that other people are doing what they want to do.”

We carried out a survey of twenty five and when asked do you prefer to watch television or YouTube, nearly three quarters preferred to watch YouTube over TV. The most popular categories were beauty, comedy and gaming.

The effect of YouTube is positive and is there to inspire teens to be who they want to be and to be who you are; you don’t have to be someone else. It is a way of expressing original ideas which can’t be expressed in other ways.