News Day: Techno-addiction?


by Sydney, Rebecca and Jack

On Thursday the 27th of March 2014 we interviewed some students and teachers of Maltings Academy to find out whether they are addicted to technology and asked their opinions on the matter of addiction to technology.

Georgi from year 8 and found out she had five items of technology and cannot leave at least one of them alone for more than a minute. When we asked what would you do if all your technology was destroyed.  Her answer was

"I wouldn't know what to do I would be bored and would cry." So that shows Georgi is addicted to technology much like others in this day.

Lorna from year 8, and we found that she owns four items and she cannot get off of them. Her opinion is that 'Yes, everybody is addicted to technology!' Lorna also stated that if all of her Technology died then she 'would invent more!' Overall Lorna thinks she is obsessed with technology much like Georgi and others.

Mrs Leatherdale, a Maths Teacher at Maltings Academy, said that she doesn't know how many pieces of technology she owns but she also doesn't know how to use it all. Mrs Leatherdale is not addicted to Technology and she admitted it.

We also interviewed Sophie in year 8 and she quoted that 'If my technology died then I would die with it!' Sophie said that she is addicted to technology and uses it all the time.

We found that three quarters of the people that we interviewed are obsessed with Technology and only one quarter isn't obsessed with it. Technology is a new obsession, we know this because of the amount of people that use it all the time.