News Day: Litter bugs

Litter bugs

by Megan, Harry, Georgi and Emi

For BBC school report we wanted to find out just how badly our litter is affecting the wildlife and how we can prevent or get rid of the mess we have made all over the country and why people agree or disagree with littering.

We interviewed some teachers and students and we got a variety of results.

One student said “It’s quite cruel because they don’t respect the fact that others have to pick it up.”

Another said “I think that littering is stupid because you can just put it in your pocket or bin.”

The litter is affecting the wild animals like hedgehogs and rabbits, they don’t see our litter as a danger, they see it as something new, interesting and can get badly injured or in some cases killed because they can get trapped in it or eat something that could harm them. We know the damage that the litter can do so why are we still littering and not using the bins provided?

We are not using bins because it is mainly there aren’t enough of them! People sometimes drop litter because they don’t want to carry it until they find a bin. The solution is to have more bins in public places.

We asked our class how many people would participate if a clean-up was to be held in our local area eighteen out of twenty-five said they would be happy to join in and help clear up the litter!

We thought that if students did this, it might make them think twice before dropping their litter on the ground. People might respect a cleaner environment because they would want to keep it like that.

If so many people think that litter is bad then why is there so much of it… that’s the question we should be asking ourselves.