News Day: Hair-mania


by Jade, Georgie and Katie

All over the world, teenagers are producing new and exciting hairstyles that are setting new trends everywhere. 

Maltings Academy is full of different students; each with a different style, hair in particular. We made it our job to explore these styles and find out just what kind of styles there were.

We discovered that the sweep-over and the quiff were the most popular boys hairstyles in year eight. Some of them said that they only spent two minutes on it, whereas others said ten. For the girls it was either hair down or in a bun. There was only a small amount that plaited their hair.

One of the students said ‘Appearance can affect the way people perceive you because people can be very judgmental’. This explains that hair plays a big part in the way people think of you.

Appearance can affect the way people perceive you because if you have terrible hair, then people will think of you as someone who doesn't care take care of themselves. People do care about the way they look as we have asked some people if they care about how they look.

A student from Maltings Academy said, “Yeah because people are very judgmental these days and criticise a lot more than they used to”.  Our Principal said ‘If you dress well then it will give a good impression, but if you dress badly, don’t really care what you look like, then it can give a bad impression’.

Over all, hairstyles can make people stand out and is a great way to encourage individuality.