News Day: Evolution: not just for animals...

Evolution: not just for animals...

by Tom and Matthew

At Maltings Academy on Thursday 27th March 2014, two students researched how Computer Generated Images have evolved over the years for BBC School report day.

Over the years CGI has developed, or evolved a lot. In the ‘90s, it was obvious when something was real or not. As time has gone by, it has become harder to spot the fake images in films. Tom and Matthew investigated further.

Matthew and Tom interviewed some students and a teacher, who all had different views on the matter. Our first interview was with Mr Grant:

Matt- “What is your favourite CGI film?”

Mr Grant- “Avatar, because pretty much the whole film was CGI. It’s amazing what you can do with computers.”

Tom- “Do you think films are better with or without CGI?”

Mr Grant- “It depends what type of film you are trying to make. Some films you cannot make without Computer Generated Images, but others just go over the top, and look fake.”

Matt- “How do you think CGI affects the quality of acting?”

Mr Grant- “I think that it makes acting a lot harder because you’re trying to act with things that aren’t there.”

I think that in the future, CGI will become realistic to the point that it looks like something you could see in the street. All in all, CGI has changed the film universe forever, as a student also thought. He said, “CGI has dramatically improved the world of films and gaming.” This is because graphics are improving and constantly developing, to make films and games more visually stunning. Overall, the world of CGI is becoming more and more realistic by the day.