Ofsted Data & Information

This page is constantly under development and only includes publicly available information.

Please find below information that will be relevant to an Ofsted inspection:

This shows the progress and attainment of our students as a whole, compared to previous years and national statistics.


Kirkland Rowell Trends : Parents     Students

CPD Timetable (available on request)

6th Form Data (available on request)

Bullying and Exclusions (data available on request)


 - The academy uses Show My Homework to set homework. The homework calendar is available publicly here: https://maltings.showmyhomework.co.uk/school/homeworks/calendar

 - The homework policy and other information is available on the homework page: https://sites.google.com/a/maltingsacademy.org/mainsite/teaching-learning/homework

Other Information

Investors in People
Please click here to see the latest assessment report from Investors in People. 

H&S Five Star Awards

Sword of Honour