Ofsted Data & Information

This page is constantly under development and only includes publicly available information.

Please find below information that will be relevant to an Ofsted inspection:

This shows the progress and attainment of our students as a whole, compared to previous years and national statistics.


The Academy now collects parent, staff and pupil feedback via online questionnaires and results are available on request. See below for previous surveys.

Kirkland Rowell (Student Questionnaire)

Kirkland Rowell Trends : Parents     Students

CPD Timetable (available on request)

6th Form Data (available on request)

Bullying and Exclusions (data available on request)


 - The academy uses Show My Homework to set homework. The homework calendar is available publicly here: https://maltings.showmyhomework.co.uk/school/homeworks/calendar

 - The homework policy and other information is available on the homework page: https://sites.google.com/a/maltingsacademy.org/mainsite/teaching-learning/homework

Other Information

Investors in People
Please click here to see the latest assessment report from Investors in People. 

H&S Five Star Awards

Sword of Honour